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Center Parcs Introduces MagMed’s Physiotherm™ Infrared Therapy to Whinfell Aqua Sana

03 March, 2008

Center Parcs have announced that MagMed Ltd. the UK’s leading Infrared Therapy specialists, have completed the installation of a bespoke four person infrared therapy room within the Aqua Sana Spa at Whinfell Forest in Cumbria.

Infrared Therapy warms the body directly with the same type of heat our own bodies produce, this radiant heat warms the body deeply without the need for heating the air (room temperatures are between 30-40C). In particular the blood vessles in the back are warmed and the warmed blood within them is pumped throughout the entire body ensuring that even the deepest muscles, joints, tissues and organs are warmed effectively, from which come the many proven benefits of heat therapy to enduce relaxation and improved circulation. The difference being that all the benefits are delivered without imparting any strain to the body, the user is comfortable throughout their 20-30 minute session and is able to enjoy a deep detoxifying profuse perspiration at a fraction of the temperature of a traditional sauna. Aqua Sana Manager, Mel Thoele said “We are thrilled with the addition of MagMed’s Physiotherm IR Therapy Room to Aqua Sana and the initial feedback from our spa guests has been hugely positive. This technology increases the choice available to our guests and allows them to undertake a soothing and beneficial deep heat treatment as a pre-treatment to enhance the benefits they receive from their time with our therapists.” James Crockett, Commercial Sales Director at MagMed said: “We are delighted to be working with Center Parcs, who have a proven commitment to investing in innovation and excellence in both guest experience and environmental responsibility. With a growing demand for wellness treatments that deliver a really tangible result, whilst having a low carbon footprint our Infrared Technology really was the perfect solution for Aqua Sana, the computer controlled Physiotherm system they have uses a fraction of the energy compared with a similar sized traditional sauna system so it really is guilt free and effortless relaxation and rejuvenation.” In addition Center Parcs are pleased to announce that MagMed’s Physiotherm IR Therapy Room has been installed in 15 newly restyled executive lodges at Center Parcs Longleat Forest in Wiltshire. Release Ends. Simon Kay
Center Parcs – PR Manager
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Notes to editors

Aqua Sana at Whinfell Forest is a beautiful Indonesian style building, tucked away in a quiet corner of the village. With a distinctly Balinese twist its warm colours reflect the welcome and wellbeing of the islands. The multi sensory experiences are laid out in single storey and there is a beautiful spa pool.

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